Project CODL Eastbound (a cooperation of Huygens ING/KU Leuven/ELTE Budapest)


Dutch-language literature often has a wider distribution than is generally assumed, partly thanks to translations and adaptations. The international peer reviewed journal Dutch Crossing has published a new issue (nr. 2 of vol. 44, 2020), dealing with the transnational circulation of this literature. The seven articles in the issue investigate the dynamics of a minor European literature exporting to other (minor and major) European literatures and new cultural contexts. The introductory paper discusses recent theories concerning the phenomenon of world literature and its connection with translation. The issue is an outcome of the Eastbound project, supported by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and by the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO).

The entire issue is available in Open Access:


Elke Brems, Theresia Feldmann, Orsolya Réthelyi and Ton van Kalmthout:
The Transnational Trajectories of Dutch Literature as a Minor Literature: A View from World Literature and Translation Studies

Johan Heilbron:
Obtaining World Fame from the Periphery

Jack McMartin:
Dutch Literature in Translation: A Global View

Jan Ceuppens:
Rückübersetzung. The Fates of Nico Rost’s Diary Goethe in Dachau

Orsolya Réthelyi:
A Cold War Literary Mystery: Agents, Manipulation and Patterns of Ideology in the Translated Oeuvre of Theun de Vries

Wilken Engelbrecht:
‘A Good Way to Propagate Communist Thought’: Czech Translations of Dutch Historical Novels during the Communist Regime or Orwell in Practice

Bojana Budimir:
Peripheries in the Global System of Translation: A Case Study of Serbian Translations of Dutch Literature between 1991 and 2015

Theresia Feldmann:
The Untameable Trotzkopf: Commerce and Canonicity in the Curious Circulation of a Classic of German Children’s Literature in the Low Countries and Germany


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