AANS is an interdisciplinary organization that promotes the study of the language, literature and culture of the Dutch-speaking world in the United States.

The organization maintains contact among persons engaged in teaching and research in the field of Netherlandic Studies, which includes the language, literature, art, music, history and contemporary civilization of the Netherlands, Flanders, Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles and areas where the historical influence of Dutch culture is in evidence today, such as South Africa and Indonesia.

Furthermore, AANS provides opportunity for the dissemination of information, exchange of ideas, discussion of common problems and diffusion of scholarly knowledge in areas related to her purpose.

AANS People

AANS Executive Council Members

  • President — Herman De Vries
  • Secretary — Ineke Huysman
  • Treasurer — Wijnie de Groot
  • Members-at-Large — Jesse Sadler and Annemarie Toebosch

AANS Board Members

  • TBA

AANS Editorial Board

  • TBA